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Prior Lake

Prior Lake


Twin Oaks Middle School

All Sports Campers
We would like to take this time to thank each one of you for signing up for this summer’s All Sports Camp.  Whether this is your first time or you’re a regular at camp, we anticipate another fun and exciting year. We hope that what we do here at camp encourages each one of you to continue and grow as athletes and leaders.  We also want you to have a blast!!  We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable coaches and staff to make your stay at camp as fun and as exciting as possible. We look forward to having you here.

We’ve made registering for All Sports Camp and checking in on DAY 1 much simpler for you and our staff! Everything we needed from you was collected when you completed the online registration process, we do NOT need you to bring any forms with you on DAY 1!

We offer football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track & field, baseball/softball and lacrosse at this camp!

Huddle & Activity Groups
We know that many campers come with friends and want to be around their friends at camp. We also want campers to have the opportunity during their camp experience to develop new friendships. The huddle & activity group process is very complicated and there will be NO requests or changes (activities can be switched by emailing us 24 hours prior to your first day of camp). If there are any concerns please feel free to contact us with any questions.

What Activities Did We Register For?
You received a confirmation email when you completed the online registration process; the activities you registered for are listed on that email.

IMPORTANT: Campers will NOT be able to switch activities the first day of camp.

Clothing & Equipment
Campers should come dressed for activity (i.e. shirt, shorts, athletic shoes, etc.)

Special equipment needed by the camper for various sports include

Tennis Racquet and Tennis Shoes
Baseball/Softball Glove
Football All instruction takes place in shorts and t-shirts
Soccer Soccer shoes and shin guards
Swimming Swimsuit and towel. Goggles may be worn
Lacrosse Lacrosse Stick (we will have sticks available if you don’t have one)
Hockey No special equipment necessary, we will provide sticks and balls to use for drills – NO SKATES required

All clothes and sports equipment should be marked clearly with permanent marker.  The camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Opening Day
The opening day of camp is the most important day for both the campers and the staff.  All campers should arrive on Monday between 8:30AM & 9:00AM. If your camper is arriving late, let us know as soon as possible. 

When campers arrive for their check-in they’ll receive huddle group assignments, meet their counselors and receive a brief orientation concerning the procedures of the camp.  Activities for campers will begin at 9:00am.  At the conclusion of the night’s activities, campers can be picked up from 4:40-5:00PM.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Monday: DROP-OFF 8:30-9:00AM │ PICK-UP 4:40-5:00PM
Tuesday: DROP-OFF 8:30-9:00AM │ PICK-UP 4:40-5:00PM
Wednesday: DROP-OFF 8:30-9:00AM │ PICK-UP 4:40-5:00PM
Thursday: DROP-OFF 8:30-9:00AM │ PICK-UP 4:40-5:00PM

Please note our camp staff will NOT check in campers until 8:30AM Tuesday – Thursday.

Water Fun Day
On DAY 3 of camp each week, we have a Water Fun Day outside. Campers can bring a swimsuit from home to change into, but it’s not required.

Health Staff
Available health care services do not include on-site care by a physician.  A first-aid attendant will be on duty to oversee MINOR MEDICAL CONDITIONS only.  MEDICATION taken by camper should be listed on their All-Sports Camp online registration form.  The Camp cannot accept children who are unable to take part in normal camp routines and activities.  Parents will be responsible for payment for medical treatment not administered by camp health staff.  All-Sports Camp does not carry medical insurance for injuries sustained by campers.  Campers must bring their own supplies to cover a pre-existing illness or injury.

Lunch / Snacks
Please make certain to send lunches that are peanut free.  Please do NOT send refrigerated items and NO glass containers.

We also encourage you to send a snack with you camper each day.  Again. Please make certain to send snacks that are healthy and peanut free.  Please do NOT send refrigerated items and NO glass containers.

Leaving Camp
We feel it is important that the campers are involved in all the activities of the camp.  We encourage that campers not be taken out of the camp during the day.  This allows campers to gain the most from the camp. If a camper needs to be taken out of camp, we must have a written note signed by the camper’s parent/guardian.  Please give your note to the camper’s counselor first thing in the morning the day your camper will be leaving early.  The campers are NOT allowed to be picked up during lunch time.

Visiting Hours and Phone Calls
We recommend that parents do not visit their children at the camp.  Instead, we are encouraging everyone to attend the closing day activities on Thursday.   If you wish to inquire about your camper’s well-being or needs, feel free to phone the Director’s at 651-270-5254.  It is not recommended that parents phone their youngsters at camp.  We will contact you immediately if we feel it is needed.

Closing Day and Ceremony
The closing day of camp is Thursday. The closing ceremony begins at 4:30PM. Parents are encouraged to attend the closing ceremonies. 

Questions and Concerns
Please call 651-270-5254, All Sports Camp Office.